How to Choose Garden Hose Reel

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Are you searching for the garden hose reel guide? A quality garden hose is an important tool that enables you to take care of your garden or lawn. The best models should produce proper water pressure and flow for your flowerbed or garden. However, buying the best garden hose reel that’s ideal for your home … Read more

How to Mount Hose Reel on Brick Wall

If you are looking for a guide on mounting a hose reel on brick? Then you are in right place. One essential tool when it comes to maintaining your lawn or garden is a quality garden hose because it produces the water for your garden or flowerbed. However, garden hose reels come in many types … Read more

How to Fix a Garden Hose Reel

Sooner or later, gardeners face small issues connected with their hose reels: leaks, tears, ring replacements, connectors and other damages. This happens no matter how expensive your system is and how much effort you put into finding and installing it. Repairing small damage on your hose reel is not an impossible mission; you can handle … Read more

How to Drain A Pool With A Garden Hose

The swimming pool brings an aesthetic beauty to any backyard. Using a swimming pool regularly will lead you to a quality lifestyle. It’s also a good source of entertainment too. You know the overnight pool parties, BBQ fists, and much more! Sounds fun! But when did you clean your pool last? I mean REAL cleaning! … Read more